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Samstag, 01 Mai 2010 18:31

Earthworm Jim

Written by snesfreaks
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 Cheats im Pausenmenü

Munition aufladen: A+X, B, A, B, X, X, X, X
Debug Menü: A+Links, B, X, A, A, B, X, A
Energie auffüllen: A+X, B, A, B, X, X, X, X
Extra Continue: Y+X, B, Y, B, X, B, X, X
Extra Leben: B+X, B, B, B, A, A, X, A
Level überspringen: Select, B, X, A, A, X, B, Select
Kartenmodus: A, X, A, X, A, A, A, A
Nick Jones Code: Y, A, B, B, A, Y, A, B
Plasma Power Up: A+X, B, B, A, A, X, B, L+R

Level Warp im Pausenmenü
Andy Asteroids: L+A, A, R+A, A, B, B, X, B
Buttville: A, X, Links, Links, X+Y, Hoch, Runter, Links
Down The Tubes: Hoch, Runter, Links+Runter, Links, Runter, Runter, Hoch+Links, Runter
For Pete's Sake: A, B, X, A, B, X, A, B+R
Level 5: A+B, B+X, X+Y, Links, Links, Rechts, Links, Rechts
Princess: A+Links, X, X, X+B, X, A, X, A+Links
Snot A Problem: A, B, X, B, A, B, B, B+L
What the Heck: Y, X, Y, X, A, B, A, X
Who Turned out the Light?: A, B, Hoch+Y, Hoch+Y, Links, Rechts, Links, Rechts

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